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AGE OF ARTEMIS: debut album released in Japan

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The brazilian band’s debut album AGE OF ARTEMIS, entitled “Overcoming Limits” was finally released in Japan through King Records, to supply the whole Asian market.

The material has an exclusive bonus track, a tribute to the great singer Ronnie James Dio, and contain an additional booklet with all the letters of the work translated into Japanese. “It’s kind of rain in the wet state how happy we are to see our album released in Japan!” Said the singer Alirio Netto. “I can not also let to thank our producer Edu Falaschi. If this work came to the Japanese market, we must also much to it. Edu is a single guy in this regard, because besides being a handful producer, he sells as one its artists. So here is our thank you”, he concludes.

 Track List:

01. What Lies Behind
02. Echoes Within
03. Mystery
04. Take Me Home
05. Truth In Your Eyes
06. Break Up The Chains
07. One Last City
08. You’ll See
09. God, Kings And Fools
10. Till The End
11. R.J.P. (Bonus Track)


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